Design thinking

Problem solving/Design Thinking

Task: The mission was to reimagine and redesign this standalone analytical application used by approx 30k users with the latest tech stack. I have tried to represent a workflow for this project.

CX vs UX image

Customer Experience (CX) vs User Experience (UX)

Earlier in my career I used to consider User Experience as the overarching umbrella over all other disciplines within the design arena. However through the years, I realized that overall Customer Experience is a vital part of our design thinking process.

To UX or not to UX

To UX or not to UX.

User needs are the most important factor for a product. A good design is achieved due to a combination of multiple factors, such as the hard-work of the designers, developers and the supportive collaboration across multiple teams within the firm. However, many UX design projects suffer from some common mistakes. In this post, I have tried to summarize some of the mistakes and possible solutions on how we can tackle those issues.

Styleguide and UX image

Styleguide and UX

In today’s digital experience, designers and developers face similar challenges. With passage of time, I have seen more and more team members come go and in this process, the continuity of maintaining a guideline becomes very essential. Additionally with new technology platforms and trends evolving, means the product innovation must occur every quarter instead of years.