I’m a self-taught Visual/UI/UX designer based in Detroit, Michigan. I firmly believing that design is a process, not something that you put on top of a ready-made app. That’s why I work towards creating an “Experience” and making it come alive by developing the design into code and help the developers deliver product that your clients will love.

For the last couple of years I have been doing range of tasks – from UI/UX, Visual Design, Corporate Branding, Print to social media marketing. I can deliver anything your team needs – from concept sketches to pixel perfect mockups and ready-made HTML prototypes.

Get in touch with me here.

Also.. Here is a little something to help you pronounce my name right.

Name: Soujanya Rao (Sou-jah-niya Raauu or if you want it easy simple Soni)

Origin of my name: Sanskrit, Indian origin meaning “Courtesy”.